Have you ever found yourself humming along to music in stores? Enjoyed the tunes in a bar so much you’ve stayed for another drink? Found yourself smiling as you enter a clothes shop and your favourite song comes on?

Well, Moodz, Sebastian Davidson’s playlists company is behind those experiences.

What your customers hear is just as important as what they see. Your business is unique – so why shouldn’t its atmosphere be, too?

Moodz is your solution for background music for bars, shops, stores, hotels and more. In 2014 Moodz create music profiles and in store music for Dutch clients like Flinders Cafe, De Uurwerker, Beachclub The Sunset, Grand Cafe Van Heeckeren & restaurant Rixt. Want to know more about in store music for your bar, restaurant or shop? Contact Moodz today to discover how music profiling can work for you.

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